The best professional interpreters for your online or face-to-face meetings and events.

Remote interpreting

Remote interpretation

  • For videoconference events and meetings

  • Interpreters work remotely through a specialized online platform

  • We offer comprehensive, flexible, and secure technological solutions

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

  • The interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker from a soundproof booth

  • Ideal for conferences, seminars, courses, assemblies, meetings

  • Requires soundproof booths

Travel interpreting

Consecutive interpretation

  • The interpreter speaks during frequent pauses made by the speaker

  • Ideal for press conferences, interviews, and short speeches

  • Does not require interpretation equipment

Travel interpreting

Liaison Interpretation

  • The interpreter accompanies the person or group while doing simultaneous or consecutive interpretation

  • Ideal for itinerant agendas with less than 20 attendees

  • Portable interpretation equipment can be used